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Exhibition Stand Builder for Las Vegas Events

A custom trade show booth in Las Vegas.

ESBAU is a professional trade show booth builder for your Las Vegas events. We offer full-service trade show booth design, trade show construction, and additional services you may need while exhibiting at trade shows. We only offer you trade show stall exhibit rental in Las Vegas that we would use for ourselves. 

Exhibition Stand Rental in the USA

Successful Trade Show with ESBAU Stand Builder

There are several important elements to a successful exhibition. The first important element is the booth design. How can we help you at this stage?

  • We offer booth design services in Las Vegas. We will take your ideas for the look and functionality of your stand and match them to your available budget.  We don’t promise what we can’t deliver. If your budget is limited, we may not be able to offer you a mahogany wall finish on your booth. However, we will offer you options for modular systems and graphics that mimic mahogany if this type of wall look is important to you. 
  • We will adjust the exhibition stand design if you want to add or remove something after the initial review, but within your budget.
  • If your budget does not cover all the ideas you would like to showcase in the stand design, we will work with you to adjust the design to find a compromise.
  • Your final design will match what you see at the expo.

The second important aspect of successful participation is the coordination of all the people involved in the booth construction in Las Vegas. This is the job of the project manager.

  • The project manager is responsible for ensuring that your project has everything you need to present at the show. 
  • He or she will also make sure that the approved design matches the actual project of the expo stand on the show floor.
  • The project manager will make sure that you have the equipment, LED screens, and furniture approved for the exhibition booth design.
  • He or she is responsible for ensuring that the organizers have no questions for you during the construction or dismantling of the stand. 
  • Your personnel manager will supervise the removal of the stand and provide you with a photographic report.  You do not need to be on site during dismantling. 

In summary, we offer our clients seamless build services throughout the entire project management process for your Las Vegas trade show.


Trade Show Booth Rental in Las Vegas

We offer booth rental services in Las Vegas. What does a stall hire involve? First, start planning the concept of the exhibit you want to see at the show: a one-of-a-kind booth design and construction or a prefabricated modular structure. Usually, this decision depends on the budget or clear preferences of the client’s company. We then offer you the display rental.

  • We create a custom trade show booth design.
  • We select the right stand elements.
  • We build the exhibit display according to the approved design in a strictly defined manner.
  • We take responsibility for the stand decoration and the connection of the equipment.
  • The terms of working with us are open and transparent.
  • We have no hidden fees, and every one of our clients will confirm that we stick to the agreed terms.
  • If you are short of time, we can deliver the exhibition stall to a tight deadline.

Trade Show Booth Builder in Las Vegas for International Exhibitors

Full Services For Your Las Vegas Trade Show

Do you need additional services for your exhibition? We can help you organize other services if your staff do not have the time or the right skills. Ask your project manager about the possibility of realizing your specific needs. We offer exhibition services that go beyond the standard package.

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We share the companies’ commitment to sustainability. That is why we encourage our customers to use sustainable exhibition stands wherever possible.
Our sustainable booths, crafted from prefabricated and recyclable elements, offer a world of possibilities. They can be effortlessly repurposed to suit any event, allowing you to take control of your exhibition space. The beauty of these modular booths lies in their ease of setup, even in compact areas, and their clean disassembly, leaving behind minimal debris.
By choosing to use our reusable exhibit booths, you are not just making a statement about your commitment to green initiatives and corporate social responsibility. You are actively contributing to a healthier, more sustainable environment, a responsibility we all share.
The only downside to component-based booths may be that they cannot be used for complex exhibit designs. Want to do your part for the environment? Ask our project managers about the possibility of building a modular exhibit stand according to your design. Or order a modular booth design from us and become a green company.

Create Your Trade Show Display With ESBAU Stand Contractor in Las Vegas

Getting ready for your next exhibition? We offer turnkey exhibition stand construction in Las Vegas. Send us a request for a quote for your project. You can contact us in advance by any convenient means. 



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