How to Build an Exhibition Stand Ready Guide

Your company wants to participate in a trade show and you have been put in charge of providing and organizing the event. After the initial horror of being responsible for such a large-scale event passes, the question arises: “How to build an exhibition stand. Judging by the fact that you’re reading this article, you’ve started a Google search for “Ready or complete guide to build an exhibition booth.” We’ve been waiting for this, so we’ve prepared exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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How much does a stand at exhibition cost in 2022

The cost of an exhibition stand depends on its size and the materials that exhibitors plan to use in the construction. This is only the price to build the trade booth. This main part of the general cost of an exhibition is only 60% of the total cost estimate for the event. So how much does it really cost to build an exhibition booth?

Each company determines its own budget for exhibiting. Usually, the estimate of future costs is generated based on spending at previous periods, adjusted for inflation and wage increases. After the responsible department has formed a budget for the Messe, marketers do the preparatory work and start looking for the exhibit contractor.

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Popular exhibition stand types

Different stand types strike the imagination, especially when you visit an international exhibition. A booth at an exhibition is a special construction, the purpose of which is to demonstrate the personal features of the exhibiting company and to draw attention to its products from the visitors to the event.

A stand at an exhibition is a business card of any company. Stand types and exhibition design can tell a lot about their owners. Therefore, large companies with famous brands try to make their exhibition structures stand out as brightly as possible.

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Exhibition lighting can make your exhibition booth better

There is a real race for visitors’ attention when walking through exhibition halls. And since all is fair in war there are different tools used: creative exhibition stand design, drinks and snacks, interactive events, free pictures from professional photographers, possibility to test the products, and so on. Each of the listed above plays its role and can be used for a specific goal. Thus, there is always a choice of method leading to the results needed. 

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How brands use video format to promote

Videos time watching increases swiftly as we digest more and more information daily, and video format comes out to be the most convenient way to perceive it. People cease watching TV and gladly use the Smart TV opportunities which allow to watch YouTube directly on your TV screen. 

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How to start your own website in 2022

It sounds weird to convince people in 2022 that business of any scale has to have a website. Just think: when you decide to buy something the first thing you do is typing the product’s name on Internet. No matter if you are looking for the reviews, points of sale, product’s description – your way lies through Internet. This purchase scenario is so habitual for us today. We do not even notice that we act this way.

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Virtual showroom guide

Everyone has long been accustomed to the convenience of modern technologies. Any product can be ordered online, video communication helps to be closer to those who are separated by kilometers, many meetings have moved online due to the pandemic. But how to advertise the product and interest the buyer? The answer is simple – virtual showrooms!

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Your exhibition stand design in Düsseldorf

Showcasing products or advertising services at the exhibition is critical for any company that pursues to attract new customers and grow the business. And making a presentation at the exhibition in Düsseldorf means raising brand awareness on the international level. It is here where numerous exhibitions in different areas are held, so the city has rightfully earned the status of the center of world most important exhibitions.

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