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Creative trade show booth ideas for your next trade fair

There are a few ways to increase the flow of visitors at your trade show. But before we discuss how to do it let’s understand what is your goal in attracting the large number of people. And let’s find out new booth ideas!

You can install an eye-catching something at your exhibition booth and curious visitors will stop by your stand to have a look. This is the kind of attention you are looking for.

Before answering that question remember that the trade show is an event which gathers all the experts in your area in order to display their companies’ products, share the novelties and research results with the industry members. This is the event where you find both competitors and prospective business partners. While the trade show can be highly specialized and even a closed event and a large scale, sometimes free, which is open for any visitor.

Who you’d like to see at your trade show stand then?

Which interactive trade fair ideas one should use to get the attention of passers-by?

Do you want that everyone comes to see your trade show booth? Make it interactive then!

Such an interactive can amaze only if the visitor/user gets involved. Gamification is exactly what you need!

Gamification is a process which involves your visitors in an interplay with your product through the computer game elements. This technology can be used on a customer retention stage.

As per latest statistics for 2020 3,1 milliard of people – meaning 40% of planet’s population – played computer games. It means that every second visitor at the exhibition will want to try your interactive toy.

Do you remember the Pokemon Go madness?! Such an involvement can be created immediately when the visitor walks in the trade show center. Intriguing interest created by you will hold your visitors’ attention until they arrive to your booth. Thus, you will attract many more potential clients. Just keep in mind to contact us a couple of months earlier than creative ideas and its development takes more time than a stand building.

Using game as new booth idea
The Pokemon Go madness game

Using 3D printing for corporate souvenirs

There is nothing better than an unexpected useful gift! Such a gift can be a souvenir created with a 3D printer.

For instance, if you are busy in an ophthalmology then printing a pretty frame for glasses for each exhibition stand visitor will attract crowds!

You can choose to produce an easy souvenir with your company logo, too. But if you consider how your gift can solve a temporary or permanent problem of your guests your brand will sink into visitor’s soul! The brighter emotion you can evoke the higher is the chance that your guest will share his emotions with friends. Surely, your company name will be mentioned. This is a perfect way to spread the information about your brand beyond the trade fair!

If you agree that such an involvement through a 3D printed souvenirs will work perfectly for your brand we advise to contact us earlier than you plan the exhibition stand construction. Elaborating the concept, equipment programming take more time than a regular design and trade show booth construction. Often, we are talking about 1-2 additional months.

idea for using 3d printing
3D printing could be the greate idear for you

Augmented reality as a fun trade show booth idea

If you cover all the trade show visitors with a targeted advertising you can offer them to download the free app which can improve their exhibition experience. And add astonished visitors to your exhibition stand.

Imagine that you can offer clients to see your products all around the trade show. And then when passing by your exhibition booth a person sees something that strikes his imagination. And this is a completely new experience.

No one can pass by such a trade fair stand without emotions. A picture with your company logo and your creative idea will flood social networks and in minutes you will become known throughout the exhibition.

If that was your idea of participating in a trade fair then consider the task completed!

Such an involving tool requires some additional preparation time but the result is worth it. You will create a buzz and that is the best PR ever.

Hologram at custom trade show exhibits

Another way to catch visitor’s attention is hologram of your product on the exhibition booth reception counter. Even if you cannot transport your product to the trade show just offer its hologram!

idea holohram at trade booth
Hologram becames more popular

And if you place a QR code with a landing page link next to the hologram you can track clients’ involvement with such a tool during the exhibition.

After you got visitor’s data you can keep surprising him and provoke for the following interaction with your brand. It works especially in the B2C sector and if your goods are available all over the world.

yey-catching booth idea
Attractive solution for the exhibition

Your brand hologram will look good in different locations throughout the exhibition. Just imagine the branded signs up in the air which lead to your trade show display. Isn’t it a fun trade show booth idea?! You surely will leave your competitors behind. Ask your trade show supplier to arrange such an interactive communication for you. Such an idea requires some time for preparation so be sure to contact us earlier if you plan to become a show stopper at your next trade fair. For example, if you plan to elaborate exhibition stand design in Europe.

Interactive novelties for attracting business partners to your tradeshow display

If your goal at the trade fair is obtaining new business contacts and signing long term contracts then you probably need another tactics for attracting attention to your exhibition booth.

Prospective partners want to see the scale of a probable contender, want to make out an expert in the filed. Which is why you need — aside from interesting them — to answer their questions which are not always pronounced aloud:

  • Why will I want to work with you?
  • Which additional advantages I will get?
  • How faster I can grow with you?
  • How prompt shall I return my investment in your goods and services?
  • Which new technologies you apply to your marketing and development?

If you can answer these questions with involvement and visual part of your trade fair display you can consider the deal closed.

The best way to answer these questions is a demonstration. The easiest way to answer all questions at once is to show how your goods and services work. The screens on your exhibition stand will help. Virtual reality will help to extend your trade show booth space. Simply bring your clients in the virtual reality world and let them feel the advantages of working with you. In a virtual reality space you can place a herd of elephants and that won’t take a centimeter on your booth. Whereas the impressions of interacting with your service or product will be more than real.

In order to attract as many visitors as possible we advise to have the answers to all possible questions of your potential visitors. These questions vary depending on the industry and business goals. Knowing your needs we are able to offer fresh ideas for attracting more visitors to your trade fair display.

Contact us now and we will start an interesting project together.



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