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Your exhibition stand design and construction

It might seem there’s nothing difficult in building an exhibition stand. But when it comes to reality – there are many pitfalls you may encounter along the way. If you plan to participate in a trade show or any other similar event, then it’s time to think about the basics of booth designing and building. Find out what an exhibit stand is, what are the design peculiarities, and how to realize a successful project without unnecessary stress and tension.

What an exhibition stand is all about

exhibition stand is about negotiation-1

An exhibition stand is a powerful mediator reflecting your brand’s personality and values through an interactive space where attendees get acquainted with its story. Its main purpose is to increase your brand’s popularity by showcasing specific products or services to showroom visitors. The advertising stand is used for:

attracting new clients and partners;boosting brand awareness among the target audience;increasing the number of sales and new contracts.

It takes just a few seconds for a company to get noticed. An eye-catching and effective show booth ideas and design that increase profit, is the result of a professional team effort. Work on a booth starts with writing technical design specifications – a set of client’s requirements for what an exhibition stand should look like and how it should be built.

Like any advertising campaign, the exhibition stand aims to catch the attention. A bright, showy, and attractive design magnetically attracts the audience and leaves them no chance to pass by. But a captivating design doesn’t always mean a successful design.

What a successful exhibition stand is like?

successful trade show booth or stand

It’s important to understand: to achieve real success whether at a local or international exhibition, it’s necessary to think over every nuance and create a truly unique design that enlivens your brand and presents it in the most favorable light.

When creating a design of your future exhibition stand, you need to take into account the following points:

Eye catching stand design

Your stand must be thought out to the smallest details to comprehensively present your brand. Its purpose is to demonstrate the achievements of yohttps://expostandbuilders.com/de/services/exhibition-standsur company and reflect all the benefits of mutual cooperation. Only a well-planned design can ensure the implementation of all your ideas.

Therefore, you need a booth that will fully reflect your brand’s mission and advantages.

When looking at such an exhibition stand, any visitor will pay attention to your project, remember the name of your company, and become interested in a potential partnership.

eye catching design of trade show booth

strength of the final construction EXPO booth stand

Strength of the final construction

A booth can be compact or large-scale, but its quality and durability must be a priority. This applies to every element of the structure, including fittings, expendable supplies, etc. We’re ready to support you through the whole process, from start to finish – from designing to fabricating to assembling to dismantling the stand construction. And we guarantee the durability of constructions and thus the safety of customers.

You shouldn’t entrust the designing and building of the stand to little-known contractors. It is much wiser to trust professionals who value the reputation of their own and your company and will complete your project according to all requirements and standards with a guarantee of 100% success.

Qualified non-stop support

Regardless of the scale of the exhibition and your experience of participation in such events, it’s quite challenging to take into account every detail on your own. The entire process can be compared with planning to go on vacation: when you’re going on a vacation and packing your bags, there are high chances to forget something without a clear plan.

Therefore, if you want to hold your event without a single worry, use the services of a reputed, experienced, and responsible stand builder. In such a way you’ll be able to not only plan a presentation at the exhibition but also order additional service of photographers, promoters, waitstaff, etc. Immediately after the end of the show (and even during the event), you will feel that you’ve made the absolute right decision.

qualified non stop support at EXPO

Prestigious exhibitions are a place for new profitable deals

Exhibition centers in the world’s largest cities are regularly visited by thousands of visitors and companies. Some come here to present their brands, and others come to buy products or use the services. But all of them are driven by a common goal: to establish a mutually beneficial partnership in the B2B or B2C segment.

Despite the emergence of new technologies, the presentation of your products and services at a local or international exhibition still remains to be one of the most powerful tools for expanding your business. Participation in the exhibition allows bringing in new customers, increasing the sales volume, and expanding your brand recognition throughout the world.

the best possible outcome at an event

To achieve the best possible outcome at such an event, you should follow some basic tips:

  1. Choose the field-specific exhibition. Stay informed when leading industry-specific exhibitions are held and get the news on previous events;
  2. Think through the details of your goals. Define the purposes of your participation in the exhibition and draw up a plan taking into account the budget, peculiarities of brand positioning, and so on;
  3. Create a design and build an exhibition stand. It’s important to preliminarily employ a responsible stand contractor who will be able to turn your ideas into reality, considering all your wishes and requirements.

So, your primary aim is to make a lasting impression at the influential trade show. There is no room for error since every wrong decision is the potential loss of new clients, promising partners, or some long-term contract.

How to create a quality exhibition stand ?

Your primary task is to choose true professionals dedicated to their work. And then, among all of the professionals, it is important for you to choose those who will be able to meet your objectives and make them a reality.

Our team is your reliable contractor in implementing the design and construction of exhibition stands. We have become known on local and international platforms, managing to realize hundreds of projects for a large number of clients. Therefore, we have rich experience to make any exhibition stand you would like to have for any event you’re about to visit. Partner with us to stay ahead of the competition!



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