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How brands use video format to promote

Videos time watching increases swiftly as we digest more and more information daily, and video format comes out to be the most convenient way to perceive it. People cease watching TV and gladly use the Smart TV opportunities which allow to watch YouTube directly on your TV screen. 

Marketing specialists didn’t go by and started to work out the whole marketing plan connected with video content directly. As the video advertising trend is relatively young there is a real race where every brand wants to create its own ad format, test it and outstrip the competitors.

Thanks to modern technologies video content creative ideas are close to limitless. AR/VR, streaming services, TikTok, Instagram stories with branded masks help a lot.

Promote yourself in a place where you’d be heard 

COVID-19 pandemic didn’t bypass a single person. International trade shows are not an exclusion. In 2020, Nissan launched its all new X-Trail. But the brand faced a serious obstruction: main automotive trade shows were postponed for an uncertain period of time. So Internet was chosen as a principal promotion platform. Nissan team knew that clients mainly search the car information on YouTube as they cannot visit the car dealer and experience the car live because of pandemic.  

Nissan team early understood that there were a real war on Internet where the goal was customer’s attention. A video had to be short and demonstrate all the advantages and differences of a new car model – that is what buyers want to see when choosing a new car.  

As a result this campaign showed effective results with online traffic which boosted. Conversion rate was pretty high, too. It turn out that YouTube advertising works 40% more effective than a classic TV one. Later, Nissan marketing department decided to implement this strategy in their future projects. 

nissan x trail 2020
Nissan X-Trail 2020

Data driven marketing as a key tool 

Switching to online brand promotion is applied by multiple brands because the goods need to be sold regardless the pandemic.  

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Another successful ad campaign example is Kimberly-Clark which focused on TV ad solely before 2020. When the new Pull Ups New Leaf diapers were released the marketing department decided to promote them with videos on Internet. It gave them a possibility to use a new tool – ad targeting. And in the past it was possible to calculate only the return on investment.  

It resulted in 78% ad campaign reach on TV screens, all because of Smart TV. 

Interactive with audience 

Interactive ad becomes more habitual for us because of its frequent use. Brands noticed that the audience loves to immerse in the story it is are told. A person will surely remember your brand when it interacts with it in such a way. 

Jungle book interactive 1
The Jungle Book Interactive Teaser

Disney serves as a good example here: before The Book of Jungle release they created a website with a movie trailer where a user could see the film making process easily moving the cursor. Ad campaign results were stunning: 83% of users interacted with at least 3 actions made. That was a good result taking into account the fact that trailer lasted only 3 minutes.  

Jungle book interactive 2
The Jungle Book Interactive Teaser


We advise to use today’s technologies widely. If your brand promotion strategy worked well for years it doesn’t mean that it would be effective today. The world is changing promptly and only the most flexible brands are to be successful.   

But despite the rapidly changing trends, some rules remain the same, any business needs a website. You can read about it in more detail – here.



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